Keep Your Dental Crown in Good Shape

If your smile requires the use of a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth, our team at Hays Dental Group, LLC is happy to help! A damaged tooth resulting from oral trauma, injury, or infection often requires a dental crown to restore its function and appearance. Our dentist can... Read more »

Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Include a Healthier Smile?

Starting off a new year we often look for ways to have a healthier body. But if you are looking for ways to boost your self-image, a healthier smile is highly beneficial. Today, our Hays Dental Group, LLC team is happy to offer some easy ways you can keep your... Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Learning About Gum Disease Treatments

Are you familiar with the effects of gum disease? Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious disease that consists of infected gum tissue. It can progress for many years and occur in numerous stages, including with gingivitis at an early stage. To determine if gum disease is... Read more »

Build a Better Dental Future With Dental Sealants

With arrival of the new year, it is time to start thinking about the steps you want to take to ensure your smile will thrive this year and last for many more years in the future. If you are interested in receiving a highly effective treatment for cavity prevention, we... Read more »

A Composite Dental Filling Might Be Used to Repair a Tooth

Poor oral hygiene can allow plaque and acid to attack your tooth enamel. In time this could cause a cavity to form on one of your teeth. If the affected tooth is visible to others, not only could it affect your basic oral functions, it may make you self-conscious about... Read more »

As a New Mom, Be Sure to Keep Your Smile in Good Condition

Moms with young infants often don't take the time they need to care for their health like they did before their little one arrived. For example, something as simple as brushing their own teeth often takes a backseat, much less brushing the recommended two times a day. Not caring for... Read more »

A Restored Tooth Needs Daily Care and Good Oral Hygiene

Having a tooth treated or restored by a dental bridge, dental crown, or dental implant restoration will effectively provide you with a functional piece of dental work that is immune to a future incidence of tooth decay. Yet you shouldn’t let this lull you into assuming the restored tooth doesn’t... Read more »

Dental Health Tips for Cold & Flu Season

Autumn is here, and getting cold. That means cold and flu season is on its way. Health disorders like the cold and flu can actually influence your oral health. The bacteria or virus that caused your illness can spread to your mouth and weaken its defenses. Here’s what you can... Read more »

A Partial Denture Needs to Play an Integral Role in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Practice

Your new partial denture represents an effective way for replacing the general function of your multiple missing teeth. While it will not be immediately threatened by the natural bacteria in your mouth, it will still need to play an integral part of your daily oral hygiene practices. Before going to... Read more »

Troubles With Teenage Teeth

Life as a teenager is one of the defining times of your life--but did you know it is also a vital growth period for your smile? It the time when the remainder of the permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth, grow in. It is also when properly caring for your teeth... Read more »