Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Include a Healthier Smile?

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Starting off a new year we often look for ways to have a healthier body. But if you are looking for ways to boost your self-image, a healthier smile is highly beneficial. Today, our Hays Dental Group, LLC team is happy to offer some easy ways you can keep your teeth and gums healthier this year. Let’s take a look!

What foods are you putting in your mouth?
-Eating water and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables not only balances harmful sugars but cleans your teeth by stimulating healthy saliva production. Proper saliva levels wash away detrimental oral acids and bits of food debris while also neutralizing this acid.
-Eating lean meats, fish, eggs, and beans provide both protein and phosphorous for tooth and gum health.
-Eating low-fat dairies–yogurt, cheese, and milk–supply your teeth and gums with the calcium (and protein) they need.

What drinks are you putting in your mouth?
If you have a habit of drinking sugary beverages (soda, sports drinks) your teeth are paying a steep price. Instead, choose the hydrating properties of plain water, or fluoridated water, to protect your teeth while safely washing away cavity-causing oral debris and keeping healthy levels of saliva production in the works.

What snacks are you consistently putting in your mouth?
Routinely snacking on sugary, starchy foods hurts your mouth along with your waistline. Sugars and starches are notorious for feeding cavity-causing bacteria living in the mouth. Wise snacking choices include cheese, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, if you aren’t actually hungry but just want to satisfy chewing urges, healthier options include sugarless gum which reduces the risk of cavities by stimulating saliva production.

For a healthier smile this year, you can schedule a professional cleaning and checkup with our dentists by calling 406-586-2117 today. Dr. Christopher Hall and our team look forward to assisting you with your oral health in Bozeman, Montana.