Food Your Teeth Can Love

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Everyone probably knows that some foods can be bad for your teeth. In your growing up years, were you ever warned not to eat too many sweet things or your teeth would rot? Or that you should drink lots of milk so you can have strong bones? We want to make sure that you also know that there are some kinds of foods that are good for your dental health.

While milk can help promote strong bone growth, dairy products can also do more for your mouth. Cheese may be able to help you fight off cavities by reducing the acid levels in your mouth and stimulating your saliva production. Saliva can help to clean your mouth of food particles naturally. Sugar-free gum can have similar results with your salivary production.

Nuts and seeds like cashews, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, walnuts and pecans can be beneficial to your dental health. Almonds could be a source of calcium and protein for your smile. Any of these may be eaten by themselves, or they can be mixed in with a salad or other meal and snack options.

Fruits and vegetables should not be forgotten. Many of them, including carrots, apples, celery etc., can also promote saliva production in your mouth and can provide other beneficial qualities as well. Leafy green vegetables, like kale, are rich in calcium which can strengthen a tooth’s enamel.

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