Oral Health: Mouth Guards

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Building the best smile possible includes making sure you address the potential risks to your mouth. You can save your teeth and gums from damage during sports and rigorous activities simply by wearing a mouth guard.

If you’re looking for a mouth guard to fit your exact dental profile, boil and bite mouth guards and custom-made mouth guards are your two best options. Whereas boil-and-bite mouth guards are crafted by biting into them when they are soft, custom-made mouth guards are crafted to fit your smile from a exact dental impression made by your dentist. Another option is a stock mouth guard, which is pre-formed and sold over-the-counter.

To help keep your smile safe you will need to take proper care of your mouth guard. By keeping your mouth guard out of the hands of young children or pets, you can extend the longevity and protection they can provide. If for any other reason your mouth guard is damaged or if it begins to show signs of wear, it will need to be replaced. You should clean your mouth guard before and after you use it, and keep it in a clean, ventilated case so that it can air-dry.

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