Troubles With Teenage Teeth

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Life as a teenager is one of the defining times of your life–but did you know it is also a vital growth period for your smile? It the time when the remainder of the permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth, grow in. It is also when properly caring for your teeth is potentially in jeopardy, because of some social pressures in your life.

Wisdom teeth don’t often do their job effectively. Though they are designed for chewing, they often grow in improperly. This leads to a variety of problems, including overcrowding your other teeth. If your teeth overcrowd, it can push your smile out of alignment. In addition, the wisdom teeth may not fully push through the gum line, greatly increasing your risk of tooth infection and decay. Schedule regular checkups with your dentist to make sure your teeth are growing in properly. If they aren’t, Dr. Christopher Hall can help you decide how to correct the problem.

Social status begins to shape the lives of many people in their teen years, as social acceptance begins to be one of the most important factors in many a person’s life. Peer pressure can lead to a variety of negative and even ruinous oral health habits. These include choosing to use drugs, smoking, or chewing tobacco or tobacco products. It could even include things that are seemingly less harmful, such as playing contact sports without the proper safety equipment or wearing dangerous mouth jewelry like lip and tongue rings (these can easily chip and crack teeth).


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