Food Your Teeth Can Love

Everyone probably knows that some foods can be bad for your teeth. In your growing up years, were you ever warned not to eat too many sweet things or your teeth would rot? Or that you should drink lots of milk so you can have strong bones? We want to make sure that you also know that there are some... read more »

Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Include a Healthier Smile?

Starting off a new year we often look for ways to have a healthier body. But if you are looking for ways to boost your self-image, a healthier smile is highly beneficial. Today, our Hays Dental Group, LLC team is happy to offer some easy ways you can keep your teeth and gums healthier this year. Let's take a look!... read more »

As a New Mom, Be Sure to Keep Your Smile in Good Condition

Moms with young infants often don't take the time they need to care for their health like they did before their little one arrived. For example, something as simple as brushing their own teeth often takes a backseat, much less brushing the recommended two times a day. Not caring for your smile properly may result in tooth decay and gum... read more »